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BASIC INFORMATION  (click here for detailed Mission and Core Values document.  Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) 


We are an independent, non-denominational, Bible Believing church.

Our current attendance is under 100.

Worshippers are encouraged to dress as they feel comfortable as long as their attire is not immodest. We have people who come in everything from jeans to suits & dresses.

There is a Sunday School & Nursery for all children during the Worship Service.



Our Sunday Worship service is essentially non-liturgical, but orderly. 

We incorporate :

Both traditional hymns and contemporary music.

Prayer, usually led by the Pastor or Deacons.

The reading, teaching and preaching of the Bible as the Word of God

Sharing testimonies and response to the Word.

Our Wednesday evening Bible Studies & Prayer are more informal and  interactive.           


BASIC DOCTRINAL DESCRIPTION:  (click here for Statement of Faith)

We are Conservative & Bible-believing, holding to the Fundamental Doctrines of the Christian faith.

We are Reformed, as regards the Doctrines of Sovereign Grace, and the Five Solas of the Reformation.

We are a New Covenant People, emphasizing the new reality and dynamics of being “in Christ.”

We are Evangelistic, extending the free offer of the Gospel to all, as we have or make opportunity..

While we believe absolutely in the literal, personal, and glorious return of Jesus Christ, we allow great latitude of differing perspectives as to the details of end-time prophecy (eschatology).

Our view of holiness and sanctification does not focus on external legalistic standards, but on the inner working of grace in the believer’s heart through consistent intimacy with Christ.



The pastor teaches & preaches mostly from the New King James version, and the underlying Greek Textus Receptus or the Majority Greek Text.

While occasionally stating the reasons for these preferences, we do not make or allow translations to be a divisive issue in the church.



We are very missions focused, currently deeply involved in South Africa, Pakistan, and Mexico.

We believe in partnering closely with missionaries, not just sending money to a missions board.

We believe in earnestly seeking the guidance and wisdom of Christ through the Holy Spirit and Providence in selecting missionaries and mission projects.


While we believe that all Christians, as salt & light to the world, should prayerfully involve themselves in all aspects of our society and nation, as a Church we are not politically focused.

This does not preclude the teaching of a biblical perspective on any or all socio/political issues.


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